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Jinha Lee is an interface designer, engineer, and researcher working at the boundary of the physical and digital world. He is exploring ways to employ our innate kinesthetic and sensory skills to interact with the world of data by seamlessly weaving digital information into physical space and material. Lee is currently on leave from his Ph.D. studies at MIT Media Lab and is leading a team to design TV interfaces at Samsung Electronics in lieu of his national military duty. His recent inventions include Spacetop – gesture controlled 3D desktop OS,levitating tangible interface, and a pen that penetrates into the screen. Previously, Lee has co-founded eone-timepieces – a tactile watch brand for everyone including the visually impaired, conducted research at SONYand Microsoft, and received his B.E. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Tokyo. His works have been presented and exhibited at most respected academic conferences and museums, and have been recognized for design and innovation excellence.

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