It’s not an HR issue, it’s a Business issue” – John Wonkey (EVP social applications at is the new HR cloud solution presented this year at #DF12. This revolutionary HR platform was developed originally by Rypple, a disruptive canadian start-up aquired early this year by  Interestingly, Rypple was pioneer in the use of gamification to enhance social performance and human capital management. (Here is a nice video of Daniel Debow, one of its co-founder and current head).

I really love the way Mr. Wonkey  explains how the convergence between three unrelated technological drivers (cloud, social and mobile) is now pushing to re-imagine every single step/aspect of corporate business processes, including human capital management. His views on “how do you transform the way you manage in a connected world” are fascinating, being now “Social from start, Open/Collaborative and Real time” key assets to succeed in human capital management. A really interesting and engaging talk!

(the best part starts at t=6 min.)

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